Photoshop & Illustrator Presets

Real Water Color Action


Professional Photoshop Action that turns your images into Watercolor Paintings…


Adaptive Size Tiling Action Bundle


Hundreds of actions and 22 different type of pattern sets. You can apply it to any image. It separates lightness levels of the image into 25 levels and fills selected patterns to separated layers with different weights.


Smart Patterns for Illustrator


Smart Patterns for Illustrator is a collection of most common pattern templates. It uses new dynamic symbols features in Illustrator CC. Easily edit your pattern unit, place your artwork and create your custom patterns within seconds… Add your pattern into your swatches library your future usage. (Detailed instructions are available in PDF included in archive.) Pre-defined seamless artboards makes easy to export patterns as raster images as well.


Retro Vintage Color Lookup Bundle


100 Professional Vintage Color Lookups


Real CMYK Halftone Simulator Actions


Real Cmyk Halftone Simulation Actions is a collection of 244 Professional Detailed Photoshop Actions for simulating halftone cmyk process with round, diamond, cross and lines pattern options. Each pattern style has 61 frequency variation. This lets you use these action nearly any image with different sizes and resolutions. All actions create one flatten layer with effect and its transparent version in order to use it with your paper texture or custom color.


Led Lights Generator


Pro Led Lights Generator Photoshop Actions

This package includes 2 action sets : “CreativeGraphics_Process_Actions.atn” (Necessary action framework for main actions. Do not directly play them) “CreativeGraphics_Led_Lights.atn” – This is a set of 47 actions, Pattern A – 11 Actions, Pattern B – 11 Actions, Pattern C – 11 Actions, Pattern D – 11 Actions and Bonus 3 variation actions. Patterns created from real led light images with different exposures.